Horoscper is an indispensable horoscope app for Astrology fans

Horoscper is an indispensable horoscope app for Astrology fans, professional Natal Chart with exclusive Fortune Rings and Tarot, which take an in-depth insight of your inner secrets, analyze your fortune and help you decide your future.

Horoscoper allows you to enjoy free daily horoscopes and discover the meanings behind your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign, including detailed interpretation of your personality and gifts in your chart. A comprehensive and insightful astrological Natal Chart reading incorporates all 10 planets in signs and houses, plus aspects and their different meanings into a very specific analysis of your life and current circumstances.

Fortune Rings

Easy and understandable chart indicates your daily Fortune Rings which includes Love, Career, Finance, Mood, Energy.

Natal Chart

You will discover all the astrological aspects that are ruling your personality and your relatives personalities in an instant. It provides an instant display of the planets and their aspects (planetary interactions) according to your birth date, time and city/area. It also provides a comprehensive and extensive analysis and interpretation of their influences over your daily behaviour.

Zodiac Compatibility

Select the zodiac sign of your special someone and discover aspects of happiness and harmony in your relationship. Aries,Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn , Aquarius, Pisces.


Having questions ? Tarot has your answers. Tarot cards can help to explain your not only past but also current situation and anticipate future events. In this app you get a free daily three card tarot reading. It allows you to select three cards, one for your Recent Past, one for your Current Situation and one for your Future Influences.


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Win Gorgeous Zodiac Necklaces

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Win Zodiac Necklaces by tweeting the most ridiculous zodiac behavior you’ve ever seen. Twitter contest!

Laugh at ridiculous behavior typical of different Zodiac signs. Here’s the place to share your own favorites!

Post a tweet or picture showing your friends behaving like a typical zodiac sign and add the tags #TypicalZodiac #Horoscoper. The top 3 liked tweets and top 3 retweets will be rewarded with a gorgeous Zodiac necklace!

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How to participate:

Follow the twitter account: @Horoscoper_Astr

Use the hashtag #TypicalZodiacafter your tweet or picture to participate in the contest!



Virgoes playing soccer… #TypicalZodiac #Horoscoper



Daily  activity of Aries! But what the Heck the Aries is doing everyday? #TypicalZodiac #Horoscoper


This activity  ends at 21st November , the winners will be selected by our staff . Come on, show me all your #TypicalZodiac tweets!

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Drake Made it on Shear Willpower

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Drake is a Scorpio for starters. This makes him a natural born leader. He strives for career which is the center of his world. He’s also a Life Path Number 4 in Numerology making him a “nose-to-the-grindstone” kind of worker. He’s loyal, trustworthy, practical, foundation-building and grounded.


His numerology chart shows a very balanced energy with two of the three numbers on all three levels (mind, soul, physical). He was on a trajectory for success from the start. The only issue with 4’s is their ability to be impatient.


Drake also has the Arrow of Skepticism giving him some hesitancy when it comes tryingnew things, places and people. That’s not a bad thing, it keeps him out of trouble and makes him think about what he’s doing before he does it.


His music and his message are all about truth because the sum of his month and day of birth add to a 7, the deep, philosophical number of truth. To top it off, his year of birth adds to the visionary 6 (24, 2+4=6) meaning he has the ability to see the bigger picture, the eagle’s eye view. Through his work, he’s able to share some important messages that are raw and real.

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He also has double 1’s which means his has a way with words. Not necessarily sharing himself personally but through his work, he’s able to really bring the noise with his verbal communication.


The one downfall is that he’s lacking the number 5 which is the emotionally expressive number. He’s not as emotionally expressive as he could be, except in his songs. This is the best place for him to express his true emotions and thoughts.


His strong point is the fact that he’s a 4 and has made his career from sheer willpower. The 4 is all about foundation or empire building. He built his empire from scratch and didn’t stop until it was a success. This is the way of the Life Path 4.

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